TalkTalk Launches SIM-only Mobile Plan for £3.50

Picking a phone plan is never easy, especially when you're signing a contract. Though it's tempting to get the plan that offers the most, there's also cost to consider, especially if you're wary of making such a long term commitment. TalkTalk Mobile is hoping to snag bargain hunters with its latest SIM-only plan, which it's calling Britain's lowest-priced mobile plan.

Priced at only £3.50, the plan includes 100 minutes, 250 texts, and 100 MB of data every month (this is doubled to 200 MB if you sign up online). It's not a lot, but it does only cost £3.50, and it's a one-year contract. 

The company also updated its Medium SIM and Large SIM plans. The former now includes 500 minutes, unlimited texting, and 500 MB of data (1 GB if you sign up online), while the latter packs unlimited calls and texting, and 2 GB of data (4 GB for those who sign up online). The Medium and Large plans are priced at £7.50 and £15, respectively.

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  • infernocy
  • Darren Wood
    Will this give you free 4g? If not then three seems to have a better deal.
  • larsen161
    When will phone plans adjust to the times. I don't need lots of minutes and texts, mostly just need data. 100min,100sms & unlimited data is what I'm after. Allow me to customise each as I want
  • QEFX
    £15 .. got I hate the CDN mobile market. My plan only has 1/2 a gig (otherwise the same) and I'm paying a LOT more (actually more like £15 a week). Oh well, somebody has to support the rich companies.
  • bluekoala
    I'm with Mobilicity in Ottawa. I pay 19$/month for 2 years pre-paid. Only voice though but it's got unlimited voice and text and also all phone features included (except voicemail).