This Raspberry Pi Robot is Controlled by Users on Twitch

(Image credit: Omantn)

If you're looking to connect with others during quarantine, this Twitch controlled Raspberry Pi robot project is a fun way to do it. It was created and shared by Reddit user Omantn, and lets users work together to steer a Pi-based robot around his backyard.

The robot is built on top of a Raspberry Pi 4. The more memory you can dedicate to this sort of project the better when it comes to performance, making the Pi 4 an ideal candidate. The Pi receives directional input based on votes tallied from users on Twitch.

The robot is totally wireless, using a 30,000 mah battery pack strapped to the bottom of the chassis with velcro. The yard is streamed live using a camera so users can easily watch the little guy on Twitch.

Omantn created a custom C# script to scan the Twitch chat for votes. The votes are tallied every 15 seconds before sending a command to the robot to move in the elected direction. You can explore the Twitch driving code on Github.

If you want to check out this Pi robot, or maybe even give it a spin, check out the official stream on Twitch. You can follow Omantn on Reddit for future projects and more details on this one.

Ash Hill
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