This Raspberry Pi Tether Gives Any DSLR Wireless Support

(Image credit: Luis Salha)

Controlling a DSLR wirelessly is easier than before, especially with the advent of modern smartphones. But if your DSLR doesn't have wireless support, you might be wondering what your options are—that's where Luis Salha's Raspberry Pi DSLR tethering project comes in!

This Pi project makes it possible to access and control nearly all of the DSLR functions remotely with a smartphone app. Users can adjust things like ISO, aperture and shutter speed from the interface on the phone. According to Salha, the setup is compatible with almost any non-wireless DSLR.

The wireless support dongle is built using a Raspberry Pi Zero W, keeping the cost low while providing the necessary wireless support. It also appears to use a HAT similar to the Adafruit OLED Bonnet for the Pi Zero W.

The built-in display is currently limited to a basic set of functions. You can control the Raspberry Pi using the directional arrows and buttons on the HAT display. Salha already has plans to improve the interface.

If you want to explore this project, check out Salha on YouTube for a video demonstration of the tether in action. Be sure to follow him for future projects and more updates on this one. 

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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