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Technology and those that exist within the ecosystem evolve and multiply on a daily basis. Something that was cutting edge today, may be nothing more than an afterthought tomorrow.

One of the reasons you visit Tom's Hardware is to keep abreast with the latest technology news, trends, and of course, the low down on CPUs, GPUs, and overclocking goodness. Even though we're busy virtually around the clock working on the next article, or trying to improve our site, we've only got so many brains and so many hours in the day to come up with brilliant ideas.

That's why we think there's no one better to go to ideas than you, our readers!

"Wait!" you say? "Don't we already try to complain and contribute in the comments and the forums? Do you guys even listen?"

Truth be told, our forums are quite large, and often times, great threads get buried in the mountain of comments and messages. If we spent all our time trying to filter through the forums, we wouldn't be able to write great articles. So, we've come up with a new system for you to use to guarantee that your suggestion gets both visibility and support.

Our new suggestions voting system allows you to submit an article idea, site feature suggestion, or forum feedback, then submit a suggestion, vote and have others vote up your suggestion--try to get your idea voted up by promoting it in our forums. You can track new suggestions or hot suggestions and even leave comments. Once your suggestion reaches a certain number of votes, we will review it and attempt to see how best to implement your idea.

If you've ever wanted to make a statement on how to improve Tom's Hardware, there's no better system than this. Using the new Feedback voting system, you assure that your ideas gets heard by everyone reading the site as well as our team of editors and developers. Of course, if you see ideas submitted by other readers that you like, you can vote them up too.

Example Suggestion: "I want Tuan to write more Mac related articles please!"

Below are the links to the voting systems:

The Site & Forum Suggestion Feedback Voting SystemThe Article Suggestion Feedback Voting System

So, as technology changes, cast your vote and idea and try out our new voting system.

Many thanks to UserVoice for the vote-casting system.

  • xantech22
    That's a good idea, only if you guys weed out the lol kitties

    (Example: "plz make article on new winxp theme thx!")


    It should be more like "We want an article about Window 7 performance benchmarks against Mac OSX"

    stuff like that or....

    "Hardrive Special: Sata 2/3 vs SAS vs SSD" Raid and non-raid.

  • apache_lives
    change the way people vote (thumbs up, thumbs down) - too many people get poor votes from FUD boys etc, or for simply quoting something from an article instantly gets negative votes like wtf
  • tuannguyen
    xantech22That's a good idea, only if you guys weed out the lol kitties(Example: "plz make article on new winxp theme thx!")No...It should be more like "We want an article about Window 7 performance benchmarks against Mac OSX"stuff like that or...."Hardrive Special: Sata 2/3 vs SAS vs SSD" Raid and non-raid.Capice?
    Capice! :)
  • apache_lives
    oh and perhaps a mac price war updated every so often with a % figure of how overpriced there are :D
  • Shadow703793
    Submitted first recommendation! (Toms needs to do a PSU round up).
  • phantomtrooper
    tom's should add a video card chart that is updated after every test. that way when we go to buy new video cards we can easily compare.
  • blasko229
    I want Tuan to write less Mac
    related articles please!
  • christop
    How about super riggs from users on the site pics and stats do it monthly or something.. RIGG OF THE MONTH WOULD BE COOL... I know it has been done but I love to see other people hardcore riggs...
  • sm0kex
    i acutally liked ur guy's old site the one just before this one but i would like to see if you guys could add editing ur own posts
  • JeBuSBrian
    How about hiring a proof-reader?