We Overclock Phenom II to 4.9GHz

As you know, Tom's Hardware organized it's Overdrive overclocking finals in Paris over the weekend, bringing in teams from all over the world. The competitors benched and tweaked Intel's new Core i7 platform and achieved some significant scores and frequencies. But along side Core i7, wealso had the opportunity to overclock AMD"s new Phenom II. You read that right--the next AMD processor that's expected to launch in January '09.

4,957 MHz

Although AMD says nearly 6 GHz is achievable on the new Phenom II, we were not able to attain that frequency. However, with the helpof Jmax, we managed to reach 4,957 MHz. Remember however, that the 940 Phenom X4 BE II, is running at 3 GHz natively. We ran the processor on a Gigabyte motherboard based on AMD 790GX with DDR2 utilizing a cooling system with liquid nitrogen. At this point, based on what AMD tells us, the processor may have a higher potential, but it has an issue of locking at temperatures below -70 °C. To verify that the processor was stable at 4.9 GHz, we conducted some tests and it completed a SuperPi 1M run in 17,769 sec.

In practice, this new Phenom II in 45 nm seems very capable in terms of overclocking. Judging on what AMD says and how far we were able to push the processor, we're feeling fairly positive about its potential as a mainstream overclocking CPU. Air cooling should prove some interesting results. Look for some upcoming tests soon.

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  • LAN_deRf_HA
    Holy mother fucking butt monkeys! There's actually tards out there who think it's a failure because of the superpi score? That's fucking super-tard, get off the enthusiast site noobs. Superpi is strictly an intel extreme overclocking bench, has no bearing on actual performance, it just favors intel's architecture. If that's what you base your cpu purchases on then have fun with your P4. I'm sure you'll be praising it's 1M score as it chokes every card you put in your system.
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  • seboj
    Did anyone try just air OC first, or did they go straight at the LN2?
  • blippo311
    I heard tha it was just under 4ghz with air.
  • htoonthura
    Am i missing sth? almost 18S for crunching 1 M of super pi with a 5ghz cpu? i will pass that.