TSMC Prepping 20nm Manufacturing Process

A report from DigiTimes indicates that TSMC has been busy lately with acquiring equipment and preparing to cross over to 20 nm lithography. According to the report, the company will be making the switch in Q1 2014. Shipments for the 16 nm HKMG process have also started, and the company expects mass production of FinFETs to commence about a year from now.

The report also indicated that the company has tripled its revenues from 28 nm wafers over 2013, as compared to 2012. The company has raised its 2013 capex target to a staggering and record breaking $9.5 to $10 billion.

It is also reasonable to expect that the number of 28 nm chips will decrease as the 20 nm process starts, meaning multiple firms might be switching over to the 20 nm production process simultaneously.

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  • anxiousinfusion
    This was much quicker than expected. I tip my hat.
  • aggroboy
    So I guess we are still looking at late 2H 2014 for 20nm GPUs?
  • danwat1234
    14nm APUs from Intel