VIDEO - Airline Passengers Massacre Billions Of Germs With New Air Filter

San Diego (CA) - Flying can be murder on your immune system with the all the stress, dry air and sick people around you. We can't really do anything about the first two problems, but Mission Viejo-based Travel Health Products has a solution for the germ-laden air. Its PlaneCleanAir filter attaches to the air vents and promises to filter out 99.5% of bacteria, viruses and other particulates.

Video demonstration of the PlaneCleanAir filter

We spied the bluish filter at the San Diego Travel Goods Show. Our minds immediately thought, "Ahh a Brita water filter for the air vents!". Inventor Neal Avery demonstrated the product to TG Daily and explained that he made the filter after getting sick immediately after his honeymoon flight.

The filter comes with gaskets that stick onto both Airbus and Boeing nozzles. You basically hold the filter against the nozzle for ten seconds and then direct the airflow to your face. Avery told us the device widens the air flow pattern which prevents germs from flying into your cone of protection.

But isn't the air on commercial flights filtered already? Avery explained that the air is filtered in the belly of the plane, but that it then has to travel through several feet of ducting to get to your face. He adds that the low humidity of the flights provides a double whammy of sorts to your immune system. "The air dries out your nasal passages and then cracks form," said Avery. Those cracks then provide a direct path for bacteria and viruses into your bloodstream. Sounds scary.

The filters are sold for $20 and last approximately 10 flights. Replacement filters and gasket packs are sold for $7/each.