Latest 'Watch Dogs 2' Gameplay Features Infiltration, Hacking

After the reveal of Watch Dogs 2 last week, Ubisoft showed more footage from the game at its annual E3 briefing.

We didn’t get too see too much of Marcus Holloway in action last week, but the gameplay video showed him infiltrating the apartment of Congressman Mark Thruss in order to get data from his computer. However, his aides are already deleting the congressman’s files, so Holloway must move fast if he wants to salvage any data.

At first, he takes the tactical approach. He uses his drone to scan the entire floor for the location of enemies. He even hacks the cameras, similarly to the first Watch Dogs, in order to gather more information about the people inside the building. As he uses his RC car to hack the computer, he’s spotted. He fights his way through the building with his weapons and (more importantly) his hacking skills. He sends a car through a window to take out more guards  He eventually escapes the conflict, thanks to his parkour skills, and meets his fellow Dedsec members on the streets, ready for another mission.

Obviously, Watch Dogs 2 will be at the show floor this week, and we’ll be able to spend some time with it to see if it’s an improvement from its predecessor or if it’s just another open-world title.

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NameWatch Dogs 2
TypeAction, Open-World
Release DateNovember 15, 2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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