White Nexus 7 Now On Sale in U.S., UK Google Play Stores

Google today surprised us with the release of a white version of its Nexus 7 tablet. This will be available in both the U.S. and the UK as well as Japan. The device is a dead ringer for the white version of the Nexus 5 and will be priced the same as the black model. However, the bad news is that Google is only selling this in the 32 GB capacity, so if you were looking to get your hands on the 16 GB model, you'll have to settle for the black version. There's also no option for LTE, so it's 32 GB WiFi only.

As far as specs are concerned, you're looking at the same inner workings as the regular black version Google released earlier this month. The second generation Nexus 7 features a 7.02-inch 1920x1200 display (323 ppi) with scratch-resistant Corning glass, a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320 400MHz graphics, 2 GB of RAM, a 5-megapixel camera, a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, 16 GB or 32 GB of storage, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz) 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, NFC, a 3,950 mAH battery, and MicroUSB with SlimPort-enabled (meaning it can output HDMI video and audio through the microUSB port thanks to DisplayPort technology and a special microUSB-to-HDMI adapter).

The 32 GB white WiFi-only Nexus 7 is already available on the Google Play Store for $269 in the U.S. or £239 in the UK.

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  • Kamen Rider Blade
    I like the white backing
  • Craig Smith
    why the hell do news sites care so much about the color of a device? is "surprise" really the correct reaction? "oh my god!!!! it's white plastic!!!! Mind... Blown..."

  • soldier44
    Because some people freak out over the white option. I personally don't see the big draw to the Nexus devices phones or tablets. There are other just as good if not better options out.
  • BranFlake5
    @Soldier44 But those "Options" don't have Google 100% behind them. For a great price you get a flagship tablet at one of the lowest costs and the bonus of always running the very latest version of android. I'd like to know exactly what you're comparing it to.
    Samsung-Higher in price, lower in resolution and specs
    Amazon-Higher in price, closed ecosystem
    Apple-Pfft, You know why
    ASUS-Well they made this tablet
    Windows-Just No, and expensive

    So Please tell me, What makes anything else a "better option?"

    P.S. Nexus 5 $349 iPhone 5S $700 Galaxy S4 $649
    Why wouldn't you want a Nexus Phone? Much cheaper and very similar in spec
  • mzhiglov
    I regret buying this tablet. White or black - it doesn't matter, it's still sh*t. The tablet doesn't recognize the touches and therefore makes this device useless. I can't even type emails on this thing. Already went through 3 through ASUS' warranty and still nothing. Spend a little more and get Nvidia Tegra Note....