UK Gamers to Get White PS3 for God of War: Ascension

The gaming industry may be looking to the next generation of PlayStation but that doesn't mean the current generation is totally dead. Sony this week announced plans to launch a snow white PS3 in the United Kingdom. Unlike previous plans for red and white consoles, users won't be able to buy just the console. Instead they'll have to settle for getting the pearly white PS3 as part of a bundle.


No pricing has been announced as of yet, but the bundle will come with a 500GB PS3, one special gold controller and God of War Ascension when it does launch on March 15. Pocket-Lint reports that the The copy of God of War Ascension included is the special edition, which comes with the audio soundtrack, multiplayer double XP unlock, and an exclusive theme and avatar.

As usual, there isn't really any different between this PS3 and the regular black model bar the color. Still, we're crossing our fingers that this white console will make its way to the United States eventually, so we'll keep you posted. If not, at least we have the next generation of PlayStation event is scheduled February 20 to look forward to.

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  • crisan_tiberiu
    you must be crazy to buy a PS3 when the new consoles are knocking on the door.... Only fi you have to much money to spend on tech... :P
  • DroKing
    White PS3 this late in the cycle? lol talk about true milking. way to go sony
  • dshawley
    DroKingWhite PS3 this late in the cycle? lol talk about true milking. way to go sony
    I'm no fanboy, but Microsoft has about 100 variations of the Xbox 360.