Wii U CPU and GPU Rendered in High-Res

Today we got a decent rendering of the Wii U CPU and GPU that complements the previous blurry chip shots. It is not an actual photo, but rather a photoshopped recreation of the package.

The image includes the PowerPC 750-based tri-core Wii U CPU as the smaller version of the two chips, as well as the larger GPU and 32 Mb of GPU memory. The 1.23 GHz CPU has been widely criticized for its lackluster performance, while it has been praised for its low power consumption of about 33 watts under load.

The Wii's GPU reportedly runs at 550 MHz.

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  • tomfreak
    I still have no idea why they clock the CPU at such low frequency. This isnt a mobile device, power consumption isnt an issue here.

    higher power VRM and power components of the motherboard to supply the higher clock CPU + better CPU cooling isnt gonna cost another $50.
  • vaughn2k
    Wow, this is amzaing! /sarcasm/
  • thecolorblue
    LOL - "rendering" of a few squares and rectangles

    does nintendo pay you guys 'per story'
  • BeatMason
    Yay, a green rectangle with 2 grey rectangles inside of it :|
  • wanderer11
    Why would anyone care about power consumption on a stationary box? I would rather have a 200W chip if it was going to be more powerful.
  • eklipz330
    whatever gets the job done i suppose. i don't think they'll make the same killing as they did with the wii though
  • spentshells
    I saw it at walmart last weekend the graphics are actually pretty great
  • silverblue
    550MHz... that'd make this slower than a 4850 and only marginally faster than the 4830, assuming it had the full 800 shaders. From what I've heard though, it's far closer to Llano in specs.
  • TheViper
    This was actually found to be news worthy?
  • TW_Honorius
    WARNING!!! pic is NSFW