Nintendo Offering Conversion Software to Mobile App Devs?

Though its newest console has barely been on the market six months, Nintendo is struggling. The company shipped around 300,000 Wii U consoles in the first quarter of 2013 and isn't quite where it wants to be financially. According to some, the company is hoping apps will give sales of its consoles a much needed boost.

The Japan Times cites Nintendo sources that say the gaming company is currently trying to modify its game consoles so users can also run smartphone applications. More specifically, the company is said to be offering smartphone application developers "professional-use conversion software" to help them produce smartphone games for the Wii U.

Nintendo is doing its best to convince users that the Wii U is a new and exciting experience. Last week, the company sent out a message to Wii users reminding them that the Wii U is indeed a new console. The message, delivered to internet-connected Wiis, assured users that the Wii U 'is not an upgrade' but 'an entirely new system.' The company has yet to comment on the rumors that it is offering smartphone app developers conversion software so they can create Wii U applications.

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  • InvalidError
    Slap an Android JRE on the Wii-U.
    That would make the Wii-U compatible with most Android apps that do not require any phone/tablet-specific hardware or use of NDK. Touch can be emulated using Wiimotes and a button.
    If Nintendo wants to get mindshare, they have to offer things no other console manufacturer currently plans to offer. The ability to run Android apps could be one of those.
  • koga73
    As someone who owns a Wii U the tablet is great but the problem is the system only supports up to 2 tablets and currently there are no games that utilize both. My real problem with the Wii U is the Wiimotes. It's just now how I want to play games. While it's great for motion I'd much rather use a standard controller. Unfortunatly not enough games are compatible with controllers other than the Wiimote. There also aren't many games out specific to the Wii U.
  • linkgx1
    Shouldn't Nintendo have done this before? I mean seriously, they half-assed something things. They had a GREAT oppurtunity to jump on the tableto craze...but meh.