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Wikileaks Asks For Donation to View Stratfor Emails

At the time of this writing, the donation request is only shown when requesting the archive of more than five million emails sent and received by Stratfor, a global intelligence firm. Called "The GIFiles", the documents were released in February of this year and "show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods," Wikileaks writes.

However, when accessing the GIFiles page, Wikileaks shows a promotional video in which Julian Assange asks for a donation as a third choice in this year's presidential campaign. According to Assange, a donation would enable Wikileaks to keep publishing classified information and "help [Wikileaks] run America over the next few years." There is now obvious way to circumvent the video and donation request, but since it is a JavaScript call, users can simply deactivate JavaScript in their browser to avoid the window being shown.

Of course, Wikileaks also provides a direct link to the torrent archive of the files on the Wikileaks front page.

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