Microsoft's Project Scorpio Console Coming To China Later This Year

Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Project Scorpio console arrives later this year, and when it comes out, a new group of gamers will be able to join in on the fun because the console will be available for purchase in China.

The release window for Scorpio is slated for the holiday season later this year, and it seems that Scorpio will also come to China sometime this year, as well. However, it’s unclear if Microsoft plans to have a worldwide release time for Scorpio, or if other countries, including China, will get it later than those who live in North America.

The release of Scorpio in China marks Microsoft’s second console in the country. Three years ago, the Xbox One was the first console to arrive in China after the country lifted its ban on preventing foreign game consoles into the market because it deemed them “bad for children, causing developmental or physical harm.” After a 14-year ban, the Chinese lifted the prohibition with the caveat that it would also be available in Shanghai’s trade-free zone.

In addition to the Scorpio release, Microsoft will also bring more Xbox promotions to China. This summer, the Xbox team will bring the Forza Racing Championship to the China Digital Entertainment and Expo Conference (aka "ChinaJoy"), which runs from July 27-30. NetEase, a Chinese-based company that partnered with Microsoft to bring Minecraft to Chinese players, will also roll out two additional betas for the game for a “beautiful Windows 10 and Xbox One experience.”