Yahoo Refreshes Flickr With Photo Editing Tools

San Francisco (CA) - Yahoo's online photo sharing service Flickr receives an update today to allow users to edit individual pictures in their digital albums.

The services are thanks to a newly minted partnership between Yahoo and Picnik, an online start-up that specializes in Internet-based digital photo editing.

Yahoo purchased Flickr in 2005, and earlier this year announced it would pull the plug on its own Yahoo Photos service.

Since then, Flickr has grown to be one of Yahoo's crown jewels as a popular image hosting site, with Comscore reporting it as the top standalone photo sharing site (excluding integrated sites like Facebook and Myspace).

However, unlike similar services offered by Google Kodak, Flickr previously had no options to allow users to edit their pictures.

Picnik's services are geared towards a graphical user interface that works well with Internet browsers. Tools include removing red eyes, adding borders, and various photomosaic effects.