This Week's Hot News: April 13th - 17th

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  • burnley14
    Let Amazon rank their product searches however they'd like.
    Why is it that any time the GLBT community feels "oppressed," even unjustifiably so, everyone has to hear about it? Try de-ranking "Christianity in America" and watch all those same rights groups and bloggers jump for joy. And they claim to act in the name of fairness and equality?
    It's Amazon's site, they can do whatever they want without everyone huffing and puffing.
  • Tindytim
    it also says the ZuneHD will support 3D Xbox games

    I wonder if that would be some odd remote play type feature, although the input method doesn't appear to be suited to it.
  • randomizer
    Customs would have closed the borders and called for martial law if brass knuckles were found here.