In Pictures: GDC 2010, Day 2

Intel's Play Hard Booth

Wiimote-like motion controller used for PC gaming at the Intel Play Hard booth.

Napoleon: Total War

Among other games, Intel showed of Napoleon: Total War, which can make full use of the new six-core, twelve-thread Core i7-980X.

Motion Capture

Real-time motion capture. Notice how the virtual figure in the tablet PC replicates the pose of the model.

More Mo-Cap

Real-time motion capture detectors.


Virtusphere. It’s a location-based, virtual reality environment. You can see the player inside, with VR goggles and plastic gun. He sees the action, and the sphere has sensors to detect his aiming and firing.

Cryengine 3 In 3D

Cryengine 3 running in stereoscopic mode. There were a number of stereoscopic 3D demos at the show.

GeForce 3D Vision

Nvidia’s stereoscopic technology running on three displays.

Sony Does 3D, Too

Sony showed off stereoscopic 3D running on the Playstation 3.

Crytek's Battle Suit

The Crytek battle suit from Crysis.

Neurosky's Brain Wave Detector

Neurosky’s brain wave detector headset. Neurosky showed off a number of demos, and now has a design win in Mattel’s Mindflex game.

  • eklipz330
    i said wow to every picture...

    ...until the 3d ones came up.
    im getting bored of this new fad, fast.
  • ben850
    Would like to hear more about Napoleon: Total War on the new i7.

    ie: What was the overall CPU usage during game play?

    Never would have thought a 12 threaded cpu would be adopted by game developers so quickly :)
  • weilin
    Interesting... Would this mean that the more Cores you have, the more "intelligent" the AI in Napoleon: Total War is...?
  • Kelavarus
    eklipz330i said wow to every picture......until the 3d ones came getting bored of this new fad, fast.
    I take it you have a 3D capable screen and play all of your games in 3D?

    Anyway, what's the point of 12 threads for Napoleon: Total War? It seems to run fine on a dual-core. Huh.
  • skora
    I'm going to get divorced, then remarry my wife just so I can wear that Nanosuit in the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sabot00
    Crysis Battle Suit = Girl Magnet.
  • For a company that's supposed to be modern - I for one am not going to click on each picture when it has to load another web page just to show it.
  • falchard
    I think Total War would be a nice benchmark to use for testing processors in gaming applications in the future. Such benchmarks should heavily use RTS games since they are most demanding on CPU. Also, what would you rather have? A Core i7 980x with 6 cores!!! or an Opteron machine on the new G34 socket with 24 cores at the same price?
  • XD_dued
    But can that figure play crysis? :)
  • Shadow703793
    Imo, the new Crytek Nanosuit 2 looks too "bulky".