10-year-old Raspberry Pi revision 0002 runs for 6 years without rebooting

Raspberry Pi
(Image credit: KerazyPete)

The Raspberry Pi is a staple board in the maker community and it’s no wonder why. Maker and developer KerazyPete, as they’re known as over at Reddit, recently shared a post showing off their 10-year-old Raspberry Pi revision 0002 board. Not only does the SBC still run without a hitch—it’s been working non-stop for over 6 years straight.

According to KerazyPete, the Pi has been running consistently for the past ten years. A few situations have required a restart, the last of which occurred back in 2017. KerazyPete shared a screenshot detailing the uptime status which is currently 2,331 days which puts the exact run time at 6.4 years.

If you’re wondering what this Pi has been up to all these years, you’ll be happy to know that Kerazy Pete shared that information, as well. This Pi is responsible for monitoring temperature sensors placed throughout and around their house. It uses an open-source application called EmonCMS to manage the data and represent it with a visual interface.

Raspberry Pi

(Image credit: KerazyPete)

The exact Raspberry Pi model is a Raspberry Pi 1 B revision 0002. This was the first Pi to be released with 256MB of RAM. According to Kerazy Pete, the root file system is stored on a USB flash drive but the OS boots from an SD card. A HAT is used, as well, with an RFM12B 868MHz transceiver module that collects both humidity and temperature data from the sensors.

It’s really cool to see one of the first Raspberry Pis still going strong 10 years later. In the screenshot shared by KerazyPete, the operating system was first installed on November 30th, 2013 making it a 10-year-old install to the date (as of writing). The only thing that’s interrupted the decade of performance is a few unexpected power outages.

If you want to get a closer look at this Raspberry Pi project, check out the original post shared to Reddit by KerazyPete.

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  • bit_user
    I put heatsinks on my Pi v1 Model B, because why not? Sure, it only burns a couple W at full tilt, but the aluminum heatsinks were only a couple bucks and I had plenty of Artic Silver 5 left over, that I was no longer using in my PCs.

    I got max of a couple years' uptime on it, before I eventually took it offline. The only reason I didn't get more was that we had a spate of power outages that were too long for my UPS battery (it was plugged into the same UPS as my main computing rig). I was using it as a small audio/video media server for the devices on my LAN.
  • usertests
    I think I have a long resting RPi1 in a box somewhere in the country.