Vote Now For The 2017 Tom's Hardware Community Choice Awards

Throughout the course of the past year, our small but dedicated team of reviewers have evaluated nearly 300 individual hardware products, summarized in our Best Picks. Now it's your turn to pick the best PC components and peripherals from 2017!

The last time we ran a Readers' Choice awards showcase was in 2014, but moving forward, we'd like to make this an annual occurrence. Thanks in part to an expansion of the topics we cover, and how deeply we've been able to explore sub-categories, there are many more awards to hand out this year. For example, since 2014 we've started to review gaming desktops & laptops, mechanical keyboards, NAS systems, and virtual reality HMDs - and we hope to give out even more awards next year, with case fans, gaming headsets, thumbdrives, and more already on the horizon. Additionally, in response to feedback from our 2014 Readers' Choice awards, we've split the existing categories into sub-categories wherever applicable - so things like air and liquid CPU coolers are now separate listings. Between category splits and new categories we didn't cover three years ago, we've brought the number of awards up from just six in 2014 to almost 40 this year!

Our voting system no longer requires a login, and while only products we've reviewed from December 1st 2016 through November 30th 2017 are listed, an optional "Other" field has been included for write-in product nominations. We'll be accepting ballots from now until December 15th, and voting can be done right here in the iframe below, or if your browser/device doesn't support iframes, here's a link to the submission form directly:

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  • Blas
    I can't understand why there are "Best Intel" and "Best AMD" cpu categories, whereas for GPUs there's a single "best GPU" category. I haven't browsed all 38 categories, but i presume there's also a "Best Apple Phone", so they don't have to compete with android. Is there a "Best Samsung phone" too? "Best GoPro camera", maybe? "Best Surface pro"? Nonsense...
  • envy14tpe
    You forgot some categories:
    Best Tomshardware staff?
    2nd best PC site, after Tomshardware?
  • takeshi7
    HP S700 Pro SSD shouldn't be in the PCIe category.
  • why_wolf
    CPU category should definitely be broken down more. At least a budget and power-user category. As it is now we basically should just vote for the top tier AMD/Intel CPU which isn't really helpful for people who don't/can't buy top tier.