Dell wants more internet bandwidth

Las Vegas (NV) - At his CES keynote this morning, Michael Dell challenged the telecoms industry to roll out more fiber more quickly in order to help fuel the digital age - jumping on the bandwagon of praising "You" (and Co) for driving the digital age with bandwidth consuming content.

"If you think about it, YouTube today consumes as much bandwidth as the entire internet consumed in the year 2000," Dell said. "When you imagine the multitude of new services and new capabilities coming online, that says that we all need a lot more bandwidth.

"Fiber penetration is in its infancy," he continued, pointing out that in the US 44% of homes have broadband; but of those only 1% is fiber, while in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Dubai, Iceland and others fiber is commonplace. "I challenge the telecom industry to accellorate the deployment of fiber in the home. Real broadband requires fiber, and it will enable a real home experience," said Dell.

Of course Dell will have some nice products to go with your increased bandwidth, but hey, we will not be complaining if he can shift the telecoms industry to provide us with more bandwidth.

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