CES 2007: Lensbabies bend SLR lenses

Las Vegas (NV) - Of all the SLR lenses and paraphanalia going around, Lensbaby is probably one of the most interesting. Called "selective focus SLR lenses", basically the bayonet mounted lenses are ajustable in multiple directions in order to achieve a very impressive and artistic effect on photos.

The photos speak for themselves: Basically, the lensbaby focuses on your object and creates a blurring effect around the background. The lens is movable on its mount in order to shift the focus.

There are three flavors of Lensbaby, ranging from the top-of-the-range 3G, with an MSRP of $270 and featuring a lock for the lens so it can stay at an angle; through the midrange 2.0 ($150) and original ($95). The Lensbaby will, we're assured, attach to any SLR camera of your choice.