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Tom's Guide: Android Apps for Cheating Games

While the challenge of beating a game is unquestionable, there's something to be said for having unlimited funds, unlimited health and other advantages that may help you discover areas of a game you might not have ever known about. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of apps that will help you cheat your way through your favorite Android games (if that's your thing). Check out 'Android Apps for Cheating Games' to get started.

Rooting unlocks a whole new level of functionality with Android devices, and one task many rooters and programmers have had a field day with is exploiting loopholes in game codes and writing apps to cheat at games. From using low-level editors to toggle in-game variables to locking in infinite lives, money, and other unlocks, rooting and the apps available provide a whole lot of ways to mess with the back end of game data.Android Apps for Cheating Games

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