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Prepare to Start Paying for Your London Underground WiFi

Back in October, Virgin announced that it would continue to provide free WiFi through to the end of the year. Virgin said WiFi on London Underground would remain free for everyone throughout 2012 and, in 2013, Virgin customers would retain free access to the service. In the months that followed, Virgin signed deals with EE and Vodafone that would see their customers retain free access, too.

Unfortunately, for those not on Vodafone or EE, the free WiFi train is terminating next week. Come Tuesday, you'll be expected to pay for the privilege of accessing the internet from London Underground stations around the city. How much? You're looking at daily, weekly or monthly passes that start from £2 per day. You'll pay £5 for a week or £15 for a monthly pass.

Because EE includes those on EE, Orange, and T-Mobile, a lot of people will keep their access. Those on other networks will have to pay. Of course, even mobile users on EE, Orange, T-Mobile, and Vodafone may end up paying if it turns out they've forgotten to register. Virgin Mobile began contacting users in December to inform them that they'd need to register to keep their free internet. Orange, T-Mobile and EE customers have a dedicated page for registering themselves.

Virgin Media started rolling out WiFi in London's underground Tube stations in June. It started with King's Cross and Warren Street. Then Oxford Circus and Green Park were added, along with Victoria and Euston stations. The current number of stations equipped with Virgin Media WiFi now stands at 92, and Virgin Media plans to keep expanding as time goes on.

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