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OUYA Launches to Lukewarm Early Reviews

Gadgt has accumulated the review scores stemming from the final retail release of the OUYA Android gaming console, and it's not looking pretty... for now, at least.

According to the site, the Kickstarter gadget has received an overall score of 62 out of 100. The number stems from 12 critic and 9 user review scores thus far, showing that the Associated Press is the only critic giving the console a 7.0 out of 10, and that's the highest rating. Keep in mind that some of the reviews mixed into the overall average are based on the pre-launch version, and a few that look inflated on purpose.

"I'd urge all but the most curious to wait and see ... but I'd still suggest everybody keep an interested eye on it. I honestly want it to improve, and grow into an excellent, successful platform. It's just not there right now, and it has some ways to go," states Destructoid who gave it a 6.0.

"This is a key time for OUYA, and if it secures a stronger lineup of games and smooths out some hardware glitches, it may be ready for the mainstream. Right now, it's stuck in limbo as a fun toy for hackers or those who want to explore indie games," says Mashable who also gives it a 6.0 out of 10.

For now, Gdgt has listed Associated Press (7.0), Destructoid (6.0), T3 (6.0), Mashable (6.0), Eurogamer (6.0), Digital Trends (6.0), Android Police (6.0), CBC (6.0), TechHive (5.0) and PC Mag (4.0) as a current overall review score source. Engadget (6.0) and Joystiq (6.0) are in the mix, but really shouldn't count given they were published in April.

On the user side of the reviews, there seems to be only one 9.0 review based on actual hardware. Otherwise, the other five seemingly legit reviewers give it a 7.0 rating and below, reflecting what the critics are showing thus far. On both sides of the fence, both parties seem to dislike the library the most with a 5.4 and 5.3 ranking. The average critic rating also gives graphics a 5.7 and controller(s) a 5.0. Users were a bit more gracious with a 7.1 for both.

Keep in mind these are early scores, and some of us in the press still haven't received their console. Even more, OUYA looks to be selling out across the nation, with many retailers not knowing when additional units will arrive. Meanwhile, Google is keeping a close eye on OUYA's launch and will undoubtedly incorporate the feedback this crowd-funded console will receive from critics and consumers alike for its own upcoming Android console.

That said, the OUYA just recently launched on June 25 to retail outlets, so we'll have to keep an eye on how the overall review score fluctuates over the next several months. Hopefully we'll see better scores over the next few weeks.