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Toshiba's New Camera Sensor Allows For Refocus After Shot

Toshiba has announced a camera sensor module for smartphones and tablets that will allow users to change the focus of photos and videos after they're shot.

The module measures up at around 1mm on each side and sports a 5mm x 7mm sensor with 500,000 0.03mm lenses situated on the top. Each lens captures a different image, with Toshiba software allowing users to alter the focus of the image should the background be more intriguing than the foreground.

The sensor itself accurately measures the distance between the objects, as well as focusing on near and far aspects of the image through combining the best results from the different lenses.

A user could utilize the technology to create an image that is perfectly focused, as well as remaining blur-free throughout the frame. Toshiba said the camera sensor is capable of working with videos taken on a smartphone or camera.

The new camera sensor is in its development stages, with Toshiba expected to launch it into the market sometime during 2013. The firm's currently pitching it to smartphone and tablet manufacturers.