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Google Introduces JavaScript Alternative Called DART

Google said that Dart has the goals of providing a flexible, structured environment for app development, re-use familiar programming approaches to deliver a familiar and easy-to-learn programming language, as well as a toolset for "high-performance" apps that do especially well in web browsers.

To be executed, Dart code either requires a "native virtual machine" or it can be translated to JavaScript via a compiler that is driven by a JavaScript engine, which would defeat the purpose of a high-performance foundation that is clearly position to outgun JavaScript. The circumstance that Dart can shine through a virtual machine makes it somewhat comparable to Java, or other platforms that require additional tools and aren't supported directly by a browser - such as Flash or Silverlight. It isn't particularly easy pitching such an idea these days.

Dart is far from being complete at this time. Google said that it is currently providing basic libraries as well as tools for checking, compiling, and running Dart code. The platform will "evolve further" with developer participation, Google said.

  • TunaSoda
  • techseven
    Do we need another scripting language? I wonder....
  • igot1forya
    techsevenDo we need another scripting language? I wonder....If they can make it more secure, fast and easy to program, then yes. Anything that advances these attributes I'm for.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Damn, another programming language... it's gotta be hard to keep up with all of them, I guess. Then again, some people say that once you grasp the general concept of programming, all you need to do to learn the new language is remember the syntax.
  • Is this a new country Called Google then?
    is so hungry....I don't like that at least by now.Graphics
  • javaskull
    techsevenDo we need another scripting language? I wonder....
    Javascript SUCKS so yes.
  • bit0Is this a new country Called Google then?is so hungry....I don't like that at least by now.Graphics
    The word "Graphics is not my fault. Can't edit..."
  • koga73
    yes we need another programming language... javascript sucks balls its the worst language ever. lets just hope this or another language backed by a VM gains some traction.
  • bgaimur
    Programming languages come out of necessity, not simply a dream of a new way of doing things. I wish something would de-Rail (pun intended) PHP.
  • ravewulf
    It would be nice to have an object oriented programming language for the web, but I'd rather have it built into browsers than a plugin like Java. If it was going to be a plugin like Java, why not just use Java? (granted I haven't used Java with web pages so I don't know what it has to interface with the DOM)