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OnePlus 2 Is Invite-Free Starting December 5; OnePlus X Available Sans Invite December 5-7

This past April, one year after its original release, OnePlus decided to end its invite-only system for the OnePlus One and allowed everyone to buy the smartphone. When the OnePlus 2 came out in August, it was invite-only so the company could handle the inventory flow. However, it didn’t stay for long, and after four months of invites, the OnePlus 2 will be available without an invite starting December 5.

Co-founder Carl Pei made the announcement on the company’s forum, adding that those who order it before December 7 will get a guarantee that the so-called “flagship killer” smartphone will arrive in time for the holidays. The 16 GB version will cost $329, and the 64 GB variant is $389, a $60 difference for an extra 48 GB of storage.

If the OnePlus 2 is a bit out of your price range, Pei wrote that the OnePlus X can also be purchased without an invite from December 5-7. The phone was announced in October as a midrange phone at the lower price of $249.99, making it the cheapest of the company’s three devices.

Other deals are also in effect during the three days, such as StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus 2 with a 50 percent discount, select OnePlus One accessories are 90 percent off, and other accessories are 10 percent off. As an added bonus, the first limited number of first orders will get a mousepad with the company’s slogan, “Never Settle.”


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