AMD's 'Sabine' Platform Will Support DirectX 11

Apparently, AMD's Sabine platform will support DirectX 11 and UVD Technology when released in 2011.

For the uninitiated, AMD's Sabinemainstream desktop and notebook platform--slated for a 2011 release--will feature the company's new Llano APU: an Accelerated Processing Unit that combines a CPU and GPU on the same piece of silicon. According to leaked AMD notebook roadmap images, the Sabine platform will support USB 3.0, 16 USB ports, 6 SATA ports, Raid, and more using AMD's SB9xxM chipset. Other platform features include a DDR3-1600 MHz memory controller, an integrated clock generator and DAC, and BGA for low TDPs.

However, what's interesting that the Llano GPU will feature integrated DirectX 11 support in addition to UVD 3 and PCIe Gen 2 compatibility. As it stands, the Tigris platform and the upcoming Danube platform--the former set for a release in the second half of 2009 and latter slated for 2010--will only offer support for DirectX 10.1 and UVD 2. Additionally, the Danube platform's "Chaplain" CPU--featuring up to four cores-- will be at the heart of the Danube platform, accompanied by the RS800M and SB8xxM chipsets and the "Manhattan" GPU.

But as for the Llano--or rather AMD's "system on a chip"--the APU will feature up to four CPU cores and 32nm processing when released in 2011. The Llano APU was originally revealed back in November 2008 during AMD's 2008 Financial Analyst Day (pdf). "AMD confirmed that it plans to transition to 40nm manufacturing process in 2009. Additionally, AMD committed to extend its leadership in Microsoft DirectX technologies, including the anticipated DirectX 11 transition in 2009, thereby ensuring that ATI Radeon HD graphics cards will continue to allow gamers and developers to enjoy the latest in graphics technologies," the company reported.

Also slated for 2011 is the Orochi CPU with up to four cores, 4M cache, and DDR3, and the Ontario APU with up to two cores, 1M cache, and DDR3.

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    what the hell is a STAT?
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