The MAGIC W3 Microcomputer Fits in Your Pocket

AdvanceTC has revealed a device that could be mistaken for a smartphone at first glance. It could even be confused for a small-screen tablet based on the hardware underneath its 4.8-inch screen. But the MAGIC W3 is neither according to the company. Instead, it's a small "microcomputer" that fits right into your pocket.

AdvanceTC reports that its new MAGIC W3 is powered by the 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 CPU and Microsoft's full-blown Windows 7 Home Premium installed on a 32 GB SSD. There's also 1 GB of RAM and the display itself features an 800 x 480 resolution with interpolated 800 x 600 and 1024 x 600 also available.

To make Windows 7 Home Premium even manageable on such a small form factor, the MAGIC W3 will come with a custom UI which is "integrated with the device to bring you seamless control of your voice calls and SMS within the Windows 7 OS environment."

For connectivity, the device offers GSM Quad Band and 3.5G HSPA for telephony options and Wi-Fi b/g for accessing local networks. Other features include Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, a GPS transceiver, a 1.3MP webcam and a 3200 Mah 3.7V battery. There's also a mini-HDMI port, a mini-USB port, a micro-SD slot, a SIM card slot, charging and docking I/O and a 3.5-mm jack for headphones.

On the software front, the microcomputer will come packed with Windows Live Essentials and Microsoft Office Starter already installed. "The MAGIC W3 is engineered to provide consumers with true windowed multitasking, multimedia entertainment, social connectivity, navigation capability, voice telephony, and the full internet experience," the company said.

Currently pricing and availability is not available, so stay tuned.

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  • maxiim
    Cool, but definitely worthless with all the phones out right now, complemented by the new tablets.
  • rubix_1011
    This will be the future of enterprise laptops/cell phones. 1 device will accomplish both tasks at some point, and likely sooner than later.
  • randomstar
    Just give it a charging dock with USB for keyboard and HDMI connected monitor, and this would work just fine for 90% of ppl.