Samung Galaxy Tab Coming to Verizon?

In early August, a leaked Verizon roadmap revealed that the wireless carrier planned to support an unnamed Samsung tablet here in the States. Previously listed as SCHI800BKV, a new leak has now surfaced to reveal that the device will actually be Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

This same device was also shown via leaked images to be heading to Vodafone overseas.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently slated for an unveiling next week at IFA 2010. Up until now, Samsung has remained somewhat tight-lipped in regards the device. Little is "officially" known about the Galaxy Tab save for its 7-inch Super-AMOLED display (with a 1024 x 600 resolution), the 1.2 GHz A8 processor, Swype functionality, and the possibility of running Android v2.2 (aka Froyo).

However other reported features eventually surfaced including HD movie playback, Flash support, a 3.2-megapixel camera, a front-facing camera for video calling, PC connectivity, and a UI that will feature Samsung's TouchWiz platform.

Samsung dropped clues concerning the upcoming tablet back in July. Although the company did not reveal details, Samsung was reportedly introducing the device during Q3 2010. Currently Samsung is slated to officially announce the device on Thursday, September 2--just in time for IFA 2010, kicking off on Friday.

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  • redkachina
    I never heard of "Samung" before.. ;)
  • dan117
    redkachinaI never heard of "Samung" before..

    You would have heard of it if you lived in China.
  • Scarrzz

    A typo, really?

    I am in lust with the specs I've seen for the new SamSung Galaxy pad. Most especially the 16x10 ration Super AMOLED screen.

    AMOLED is considerably brighter than the TFT displays in most phones, so you can see it much better outdoors. (Not to mention the lower power reguirements of AMOLED which will increase battery life.)

    I'm planning on mounting this nice, bright 7" display on my motorcycle to use it as a rear view display. That will increase my spatial awareness, especially the type that lets me notice light bars on the tops of cars.

    It will also connect to a bluetooth helmet for calls & music, and has a GPS to do nav, plus of course, web browsing & all the other Android-y bells & whistles when I'm not driving.