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HP Has a Second, Android-powered Slate PC

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With all the talk about HP's Slate PC, it's funny we didn't hear about the company's second version of the Slate sooner.

That's right, folks, HP has another Slate PC and this one is packing Android. TechCrunch cites a source who claims to have a Slate that is "almost identical in every respect to the one he showed off except for the OS." The source details that their tablet might be just a smidgen smaller than the one Ballmer showed off, but other than that, it looks just like the Windows version seen on Wednesday.

Other than that, there's no other details so still no specifications (sniff), but going on OS alone, would you prefer the Windows Slate or the Android Slate? Let us know in the comments below!

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    deadlockedworld , January 8, 2010 5:04 PM
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    NapoleonDK , January 8, 2010 5:07 PM
    I just got my first Android phone a few weeks ago, and I love it. I really think the future is Android. I also hope Android will run considerably faster than Windows 7 would on the same hardware. I understand that both operating systems have performance/security/application base pros and cons, but I foresee more people complaining about how Windows 7 would underperform, or that they couldn't play Crysis on it. Android will only get better and better, while Windows 7 will (probably) just get slower and slower with each hotfix, update, and service pack.
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    gwolfman , January 8, 2010 5:13 PM
    NapoleonDK...or that they couldn't play Crysis on it.

    lolz for trying to ninja that one in there +1
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    gnesterenko , January 8, 2010 5:37 PM
    Why does everyone here always comment as if there is only one logical form factor with one always emerging in some always distant future as the ultimate victor. It's called 'market segmentation', people!

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    gnesterenko , January 8, 2010 5:38 PM
    Add to the above comment this:

    "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
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    back_by_demand , January 8, 2010 5:40 PM
    Prefer Windows, there are still a few of my favourite programs that don't work on Android and i'm not ready to start using an alternate i'm not quite happy with just yet.

    Also the above comment about Win 7 running slower with each update, I have been running it now for 6 months and there has been no system slowdown. Please feel free to share your own actual experiences of Windows 7 slowing down, since there have been lots of updates already.
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    matchboxmatt , January 8, 2010 7:06 PM
    I haven't tried Android, but if I were to get a tablet it'd probably be for drawing and creating stuff in Photoshop, so Windows feels like a no-brainer.

    I'm sure some people will end up getting it for the touch-interface gimmick though (nothing wrong with that), so the Android version will probably end up really popular.
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    RooD , January 8, 2010 7:07 PM
    Ill take the android one, sick of windows
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    back_by_demand , January 8, 2010 7:22 PM
    23 years ago, Star Trek The Next Generation saw crew members walking around with PADD devices. Ever since then it has been an ambition of tech lovers to have one. Maybe the arguement about which OS it runs shouldn't be as important as we are all making out. Maybe we should be focussing on the fact that pretty much everything Roddenberry dreamed up as fiction people have gone out of their way to turn into reality.

    Ok, so now we have the PADD, next stop is tranporters and holodecks and when they do get holodecks up and running... I want it to play Crysis
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    frozenlead , January 8, 2010 7:56 PM
    back_by_demandOk, so now we have the PADD, next stop is tranporters and holodecks and when they do get holodecks up and running... I want it to play Crysis

    I'm most excited about the holodecks, but you can't forget warp stuff. Faster than light travel? Gimme!
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    JohnnyLucky , January 10, 2010 3:22 PM
    Slates, tablets, eda's, pda's? It seems to me its like trying to reinvent the wheel.
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    ethanolson , January 12, 2010 2:08 PM
    I use Windows 7 on a teblet and it is way superior to the old tablet experiences of the past. Good luck Android. I doubt you'll capture handwriting as well as Microsoft does. You'll probably get there while Microsoft is going other places ahead of you. Maybe they'll throw a camera on it and put the Natal logic in there. Think about all the input methods Microsoft can claim once that happens:

    Keyboard (Bluetooth KYBD on a Slate)
    Stylus (no empty hand can replace it for art)
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    Anonymous , February 6, 2010 7:07 PM
    We need to get this microsoft Surface tech mini sized and into wide spread now that looks like something Sci-fi
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    Anonymous , March 19, 2010 2:23 PM
    Aaahemm,... ethanolson are you living in the real world. Android is already successful as a tablet and a touch screen OS. Windows has yet to prove it's self as a tablet OS. Android can already claim all of the input methods you mention, plus I have to say that is not all that there is to building a successful tablet OS.