Experts: Intel Could Face More Troubles in the EU

Since news of the fine the European Commission imposed on Intel hit last week, there has been a lot of confusion. Who’s getting the money? How come AMD isn’t getting a thing? To clear things up, while AMD was a victim of Intel’s actions, the European Union was not acting on behalf of AMD and so, the company gets nothing. However, experts say the result of the EU/Intel decision could result in a barrage of other European lawsuits for Intel.

PC World cites Alan Davis, an expert in competition law at Pinsent Masons, as saying Intel could face even more payouts if Intel competitors, such as AMD, take civil cases on the back of the Commission's ruling.

"This will open the floodgates for competitors to sue," said Davis. "There was a complainant in this case, AMD and without question they and other competitors will pursue a case for damages."

Davis went on to explain that, while AMD was a complainant, competitors who suffered damage to their businesses because of Intel's anti-competitive practices will not see a cent of the money Intel has to hand over to the European Commission. According to Davis, “what is likely to happen is that action will be started and a massive settlement will be made.”

For those of you interested, the $1.45 billion from Intel will go to the EU’s central budget, and will, according to the commission, reduce the contributions that Member States pay to the EU. In other words, that money goes to the countries who were affected by Intel's actions.

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  • sandmanwn
    First you pillage then you loot. You thought we actually made it to the looting didn't you?
  • afrobacon
    Its not like they can't afford it...

    As long as this eventually results in lower prices for the consumer, or at the very least more competition I don't see anything but good coming from this.
  • IzzyCraft
    No lol it means higher prices for the consumer... intel anti competitive deals were more or less giving away processors to certain oem's as long as they don't deal with amd. So the manufactures were able to keep cost lower :) also don't think 1.4 billion is tiny to the 37.6 billion U.S. dollars net revenue,their net income or profits was only 5.3 billion or 32% of profits total of the year 2008. Take to consideration the EU is only about 19% of intel's market.

    If i have this wrong go ahead prove me other wise. All in all it means higher prices, although the enthusiast market would probably never notice but you might notice a small price changes at oems like dell, acer etc.