Lenovo to Launch Android Tablet, LePad, in 2011

We first heard about Lenovo's tablet plans back in July. The company said it had started work on an Android tablet called the LePad, which it hoped would complement the company's LePhone smartphone (LePhone is China only for now).

Back then we were told the tablet was scheduled for a Q4 2010 launch, but the device's release was pushed back when COO Rory Read said Lenovo was waiting for Honeycomb before launching a tablet in the U.S. market. Honeycomb, a version of the Android OS optimized for tablets, is not expected to hit before the end of 2010 so we were left with a launch date of "sometime in 2011."

Now, Lenovo is narrowing things down a bit. Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing on Friady told the Wall Street Journal that the LePad would come to the U.S. at the beginning of 2011. More specifically, those of you eager for a Honeycomb tablet can expect the LePad to hit shelves sometime before the end of March 2011.

Yang didn't elaborate on pricing or specs, but did mention that China would also be getting the LePad at the beginning of the year.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • ZaKa
    LePad... I'm picturing people wearing berets and eating french baguettes using a LePad!

    Je blagues, c'est géniales!
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  • xantek24
    we have the same work schedule Jane... ;)
  • xantek24
    anyway, down to business, i have a ?, what is it with these tablets all of the sudden? I don't speak only for my self but you can't carry a tablet or the "IPad" with you all the time. Based on my observations, people rather have an all-in-one solution which is a smartphone...."i might as well use my phone for documents" is what i get all the time.
  • belardo
    WOW! I wet my pants!