Apple's Mac Pro Gets Mocked in Taiwanese Animation

Taiwanese news outlet Next Media Animation is known for producing humorous animations based on current events. shot to fame with the Tiger Woods scandal and now covers a wide range of topics, from the allegations against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to NSA data mining. This week, the company took on Apple's WWDC announcement of the black Mac Pro and iOS 7 with some rather inappropriate jokes and a few digs at Apple fans.


Though there was no iPhone or Haswell-powered MacBooks in sight, Apple did launch a brand new all black Mac Pro with a very interesting form factor. A radical departure from the previous design, the Mac Pro is cylindrical in shape and features a space-saving design with a removable cover that allows for swapping of parts. NMA's latest video rips into Apple fans and their brand loyalty while making fun of the Mac Pro's unique new design. Check out the video below:

Apple new black Mac Pro specs and iPhone iOS shock WWDC 2013 attendees

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  • ingtar33
    Hilarious... unfortunately they probably gave apple a a new payment plan idea with that video. Pay via-blood donation.
  • Shneiky
    "Mac Pro, now diminishing productivity even better!". Seriously, using Apple stuff for productivity is like hammering screws and screwing nails...
  • Rhinofart
    Apple is the cat's meow for content creation. You have obviously never used a Mac Pro for anything like heavy Photoshop, Premiere, Desktop Publishing, or anything that requires stability. I'm also a working DJ, and use my MacBookPro for any live performances. Reason? Apple is rock solid. Windows machines constantly have issues. Atleast 1 - 2 a night for the other guys in the booth.