Report: Nvidia's Tegra Bags Zune HD Deal

The rumors have been flying around for hours and PC Perspective claims to have known since speaking with Nvidia back in June, at Computex but was unaware that people might actually want to know that Tegra has its first major design win.

The Zune HD packs a 3.3-inch (16:9) OLED, HD Radio, HDMI out supporting up to 720p, WiFi (with Microsof’s Internet Explorer, of course) and the all important accelorometer. We keep saying if Microsoft were to add a phone to this device we'd be all over it and now that its got Tegra under the hood, we're even more disappointed it's just a regular old PMP.

That said, coupled with Nvidia’s graphics, we’d say the Zune HD is going to be a huge step up from some of the older Zunes. Anyone (besides us) interested?

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  • Pyroflea
    I know that I'm buying one of these as soon as they come out.
  • Anonymous
  • montanabay
    um, why is "bags" in the title of this news piece? You make it sound like NVIDIA is backing out of the deal, not confirming it....unless you mean "begs", but that doesn't make sense either...