Pegatron, Nvidia Show Off Bamboo Mini HTPC

Engadget today reports seeing a teeny, tiny HTPC from Pegatron and Nvidia. While the details on capabilities or even software are pretty scant, the device is said to pack HDMI, Ethernet, microphone and speaker plugs around back. Of course, it's also got Nvidia's Tegra 2 inside (announced at CES in January), which we know runs Android or Windows CE and is capable of 1080p and Flash video.

No word on price or release but the bamboo finish sure is cute.

Click on through to Engadget for more pictures.

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  • rollerdisco
    A Small HTPC that you can hide behind a wall mounted LCD is always a good thing. If you could load XBMC on it then i would be sold.
  • mister g
    If it had a SSD or USB flash drive support I might get it. Otherwise what's the point?
  • doomtomb
    The size of that thing... it's smaller than my external hard drive...