Sony Ships 2 High-speed TransferJet Chips

Yesterday Sony shipped the first two of its TransferJet chips aimed to provide short range communications at speeds up to 560 Mbit/sec. Register Hardware reports that one model is small enough to fit inside an SD memory card, while the other was made to take a seat on a MiniPCI or PCI expansion card.

The TransferJet wireless technology operates in the 4.48 GHz range and links two devices together for wireless data transfer much like the current Bluetooth technology. Data transfer activates by moving one TransferJet device within 3 centimeters of the other TransferJet device. Files are swapped by using a universal UI.

With TransferJet using the 4.48 GHz range, it will not suffer the interference endured by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other transmissions hogging up the 2.4 GHz bandwidth. However, devices with TransferJet will be subject to the cruel beatings of microwave ovens and other electrically noisy products.

For now, there is no word of what device will implement the new TransferJet chips. However Sony claims that over 30 consumer electronics companies are backing up the new technology including Toshiba, JVC, Hitachi, Samsung, and more. Hopefully Sony will succeed with this new technology, and not fall on its face as it did with UMD movies.

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  • Anonymous
    your mom is noisy.
  • alextheblue
    3 centimeters? How does that compete with bluetooth, exactly? I think this needs to be explained a little better...
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  • captaincharisma
    it may have failed with UMD but it won with blu-ray
  • AMDnoob
    what's another example of an "electrically noisy" apparatus? Like something that produces alot of waves? Would a plasma TV be electrically noisy?
  • Anonymous
    your mom is noisy.