Toshiba Surprises With Touch-Screen Tablet

CNET News, currently attending the IFA convention in Berlin, is reporting that Toshiba surprised the audience with the reveal of its first touch-screen tablet, the JournE. Touch. While the name recalls memories of Steve Perry's tenor voice and the 80's mullet hairdo, the device definitely makes us salivate for a hands-on impression. Weighing less than a pound and featuring a 7-inch screen, Toshiba is not only aiming to beat competitors to the market, but offer a third Internet device in the home for consumers.

Toshiba executive Marco Perino told CNET that the JournE's prime goal is to give consumers access to the Internet without having to boot up the PC (although most of us leave the PC on anyway, so that point seems moot). It's also an alternative to Internet-ready smartphones that provide small, "not so practical" keyboards. Perino also said that the device would be perfect for sharing content to other devices within the home, such as connecting it to a TV and steaming web-based video and photos.

On the hardware side, the device features an ARM processor, Windows CE, and integrated Wi-Fi. The device is only a half-inch thick, however according to CNET, the touchpad isn't designed for data input (but has an application for typing). Toshiba hasn't released an official press release as of yet, so expect more hardware specs to appear soon.

The JournE Touch is expected to ship in Europe first by the end of 2009, with other regions to follow thereafter. As for pricing, the tablet is slated to retail for (roughly) $360, or 249 Euros.

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  • Major7up
  • matt87_50
    lol, if it was apple, this would be the biggest news on the planet at the moment (sadly).

    also, everyone I know turns their computers off when they are not using them. to save power. so this would be useful to me, specially if its got an ultra fast boot up. (seriously, an idle computer uses as much power as a fridge with its motor going). I know they say that its bad for the components turning the comp on and off, but they've lasted fine for me.

    also, you could make it into a super awesome universal remote!
  • zerapio
    I know they say that its bad for the components turning the comp on and off, but they've lasted fine for me

    Only clueless people say that. At home I always turn my systems off. I work I always leave it on so I can log in remotely. The only time in my life that a component has failed me was the MB at work. This isn't proof of anything but certainly doesn't support the argument that leaving the PC on makes it last longer.