Toshiba Says Goodbye To Netbooks in USA

Liliputing reports that Toshiba America has no plans to release new netbooks here in the States. An unnamed Toshiba executive confirmed that the company will instead focus on pumping out ultrabooks like the Portege Z830 series. Ultrabooks offer a thin and light form factor, but feature superior performance and a heftier price tag than netbooks.

At one time Toshiba was one of the more popular netbook manufacturers with enthusiasts. This was mostly due to its large, easy to use keyboards. Toshiba has manufactured netbooks for a number of years and may still sell the devices internationally. Case in point: The Toshiba NB510 revealed at CES 2012. This netbook features an Intel Atom N2600 Cedar Trail processor but won't be released here.

Toshiba is likely pulling out of the netbook race locally because sales just aren't there. Consumers are flocking to tablets and, as of late, ultrabooks. Currently rivals Acer, HP and Asus are still releasing the low-end portable systems, but Dell and Lenovo have officially pulled out of the local netbook market. Sony and Samsung still haven't launched a new model this year.

Overall, netbook shipments are down 34-percent from last year and now account for about 5-percent of global PC shipments. Looking ahead, they may soon be wiped off the face of the PC sector, replaced by low-end ultrabooks. Because Intel reportedly won't lower Ivy Bridge CPU prices, manufacturers are compromising by throwing in cheaper Sandy Bridge CPUs, swapping out SSD for HDDs, and using cheap batteries. This class will likely be a bit pricier than netbooks, but the tradeoff is better performance. For those looking for something in the netbook price range, these models will be far easier to tolerate budget-wise than the pricier high-end $800+ ultrabooks.

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  • cloakster
    Lemme know when ultrabooks go down below $300, until then my netbook is doing just fine :)
  • Grand_Admiral_K
    You know, maybe I'm just crazy, but I have never regretted buying my little ASUS netbook. All I have ever done to it was put in a 2Gb stick of RAM in it and it did everything I ever needed it to do. Mostly, I just used it in school for listening to music, internet browsing, word processing, and some light gaming via a game boy emulator. I have been very happy with it, so I just don't understand all this hate that people have for netbooks.
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  • esrever
    Good riddance.
  • cloakster
    Lemme know when ultrabooks go down below $300, until then my netbook is doing just fine :)
  • NuclearShadow
    One of the issues of net-books is that they tended to be so close in price to lower end laptops and the low end laptops had superior enough hardware to go with them instead. The only thing net-books really had going for them was battery life.