Toaster USB Hub Keeps Your Toast Flash Drives Warm

Over the years, ThinkGeek has come to establish itself as the home for silly and sometimes ridiculous products all geeks can adore. Now, you can add a Toaster themed set of USB flash drives and USB hub to your shopping list. The flash drive comes in four different designs, each with 4GB capacities and $25 price tags.The Toaster USB hub itself features four slots, one of each piece of toast and comes in at $28. In addition to cooking up the data on your USB Toast drives, the hub also features an SD Card reader, though there aren't any toast shaped SD cards offered...yet. For a  grand total of 16GB of storage, $128 for the entire set means your going to have to burn through some serious dough to cook up this Toasty combination.

It's too bad there isn't an eject button that launches your Toast drives out of the toaster. Either way, if you've got a load of cash sitting around and no where to put it, put it inside of a toaster.


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