Verizon's Droid X Get's Disassembled

It's almost a rite of passage at this stage. Every time a new gadget launches, there's always someone willing to disassemble it and photograph the guts for the rest of us to see. The photos are always fun to look at but you know what's even more fun? A video.

Performed by Max of Droid X, a blog dedicated to all things Droid X, the video below shows a complete disassembly of the newest and still unreleased Android phone from Verizon. Max says in the video that he's "done it a couple of times before" so you can rest easy knowing that beautiful piece of kit is going to be put back together after the demo.

Droid X Tear Down

For all the gory pictures, hit up

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  • Diabolical User
    It's almost a rite of passage at this stage
    I would agree with that.
  • house70
    looks like he's having fun!
  • idkhahaha
    lol do we really need a guy to show normal people, how to disect a Droid X? Normal/daily people, only wants to know their cell phone functions properly, and not like iPhone 4.