Liquid Cooled AMD FX-Series CPU Teased by AMD Insider

Roy Taylor, AMD's VP of global channel sales, has tweeted that something new is coming. The tweet, which reads "Something New is Coming @AMDFX," came alongside the picture below.

We can see from this image that AMD will be coming out with a new FX-Series processor with water cooling. Which CPU this will be, when it will arrive, or any details beyond this, remain unknown.

There was a rumor on the streets a few weeks back that AMD was working on a new CPU geared at enthusiasts. Whether this is that CPU remains unknown, though it is certainly possible, as we know nothing about that CPU either. Unfortunately, the side of the box with the specifications cannot be read, but the packaging material looks like it might be big enough to house a 120 mm radiator. Of course, we would only expect it to be a 120 mm unit, as only that would be compatible with most cases.

Could these finally be the water-cooled Vishera processors we heard about a long time ago, possibly water cooled versions of the FX-9370 and FX-9590?

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  • shardey
    This only shows one thing, more heat is going to be produced.
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  • shardey
    This only shows one thing, more heat is going to be produced.
  • dwatterworth
    Why not just cut the price and let the user decide which cooler to use? Seems like this small cooler would barely be able to handle the chip under full load.
  • voltagetoe
    Now this is interesting if it's going to be silent and also low TDP (less than 125W). I'm afraid that the motive for watercooling has been overblown TDP (more than 140W). Rather frustrating if it's all just overoverclocked old chips...