Chromebooks Heading to Best Buy and UK's Dixons

Google I/O announcements just keep rolling on. Google has already announced offline editing, and the availability of Chrome and Google Drive for iOS, and it seems the search giant is eager to give its Chromebook notebooks a new push into the consumer market. The company has announced that the Chromebook will be going on sale in Best Buys around the U.S.

Google's SVP of Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai, made the announcement yesterday, revealing that the company's web-based laptops would be available in 100 Best Buy stores starting immediately. Not to leave our friends across the pond out in the cold, Pichai confirmed that UK retailer Dixons would also be getting the Chromebook in store.

Today's announcement covers Samsung's Series 5 Chromebook. Both Best Buy and Dixons will also get Samsung's Series 3 Chromebox, which is the desktop version of the computer. This represents the first time Google's Chrome PCs have ever been available in retail stores. Up until now, the company has only sold the devices through online retail channels. Having a physical presence in stores around the country should help spread the word about Google's laptop efforts.

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  • classzero
    I have to know, who is going to fork out full price for a chrome os notebook?
  • eddieroolz
    Oh hey look, its that laptop that no one really wanted to buy.
  • sync_nine
    Its gonna lag and reboot as much as android......