GTA IV Performance Problems on the PC

On December 2, Rockstar Games released the much anticipated PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV to both retail and digital distribution outlets. Since then, there have been numerous reports of poor performance on current systems and even some cases of textures failing to load.

Forum users at Steam have reported that users of systems which meet or exceed the recommended requirements are treated to results that are lower in quality than the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions. Most of these complaints have been isolated to forum posts and online discussions; however, IGN was able to interview Rockstar Games for an official response to these technical issues.

According to Rockstar, digitally distributed versions of the game purchased through Valve’s Steam service were not downloading properly to user’s systems. Refunds are being issued as per instructions on Voodoo Extreme’s website; however, it’s noted that this is on an exception basis and is not normal practice.

Rockstar’s own support website has been updated to reflect the latest drivers available for download for users of both Nvidia and ATI graphics cards and is encouraging users to update for the best performance. Rockstar maintains that these technical issues are due to “out of date drivers or we don’t support that type of card or you’re under-specced or whatever, it’s always a combination of one of those things.”

Rockstar Games insists that the problems experienced by users are extremely low; in the 1 percent region for complaints received through their customer support line. The developers have gone on record to state that the game has been designed to be “future-proof” and that current hardware will run the game; however, as hardware improves, so will the game’s performance.

In the mean time, Rockstar is urging players to update their drivers, update their Games for Windows Live software, and to update their operating system patches. Nvidia drivers for their current cards are already available but ATI drivers will be delayed until December 10. Grand Theft Auto IV was released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 29, 2008 and sold over 3.6 million units on its first day for release.

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  • Tindytim
    I've heard about issues from friends who bought hardcopies. And they all exceeded the recommended system specs. I find it pretty odd that all 3 of my friends that bought this game are part of that 1%. I know I'm certainly wouldn't pick it up, if I hadn't already played it.
  • Anonymous
    I bought it, found it pretty damn laggy on 25% settings, medium textures and high render quality.. Maybe 15-20 fps if I'm lucky.

    I cracked the game, BAM, solid 30-40fps on 100% and very high render quality...
    My system is hardly out of date? 3,6ghz core2duo, 4gb 1066ddr2, 88gts512(777/1008)

    Runs very well, while using up a little more than 500mb video memory according to options, but only when securom has been defeated.

    Am I really supposed to be punished for actually going out and buying this game?
  • truehighroller
    I have the game and here are my specs:

    Q9450 @ 3.85GHZ
    4870 1GB @ 850/925 = 8.11 ATI CCC & Drivers
    4GB= 2x 2GB G-SKill DDR2 1066 @ 1156
    3x WD Sata2 160GB 16MB Cache RAID 0
    SilverStone Decatholon 750W Modular
    Vista Ultimate 64 Bit Service Pack 1 , all updates Direct X and all other misc. stuff..

    The game has an obvious memory leak in it nd eventually my graphics start disapearing and game will lock up my system.. I would like for them to say upgrade this or that to me because I have everything done already.