Latest Mac OS X Still Not Liking Intel Atom

So the saga continues. While tinkering around with a developer build of the next version of Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6.2, modders found that netbooks running an Intel Atom processor were unable to boot Apple's latest OS version.

Of course, the only way for anyone to discover this change was if someone was trying to run Mac OS X on a PC-based netbook. Nevertheless, this lead to much speculation that Apple is actively trying to lock out the netbook hackintosh crowd.

Then word came that a newer build of 10.6.2 brought back Atom support, making the modding community feel good and safe again. Sadly, it turns out that newer build was a fake and that the very latest developer seed still doesn't have Atom support – at least not on known hackintosh configurations.

So for now, it seems that hackintosh netbook owners will be living in uncertainty.

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  • christop
    no need for osx
  • megamanx00
    Just use Linux. Seriously it's not like you're gonna play games or run CS4 on a netbook. If all you're gonna do is watch youtube, surf the net, and maybe do some office apps you're better off with Linux.
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  • pbrigido
    Surprise surprise...
  • christop
    no need for osx
  • tayb
    This might make it annoying for people trying to update from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2 but I hardly think it will be an issue with people doing clean installs. If Atom support was there in 10.6.1 it seems like there will be "patched" 10.6.2 version with Atom support up on the torrent sites within days of release.