Spigen's iPhone 5 Screen Protector Made to Fit Longer Screen

Los Angeles-based accessories maker Spigen seems to have jumped the gun on revealing the upcoming iPhone 5's screen dimensions at Showstoppers in New York City last night.

Company representatives at the tradeshow were eager to show journalists their newest Glas.t tempered glass screen protector -- for the iPhone 5. Not only did the retail packaging on display clearly refer to the iPhone 5, a couple of the plastic-like screen protectors were also  out in the open, hinting of the elongated shape of the new phone's screen as previously revealed in the iOS 6 code and leaked photos and video from Etrade. Without the benefit of a ruler on-hand, we don't have the exact dimensions of the screen protector, but they certainly look about the same width as the current-gen iPhone 4S, but just longer in length. The multi-color round stickers are designed for the home button so that it is still accessible when the screen protector is applied.

According to its website, the iPhone 5 Glas.t screen protector is not compatible with previous-gen iPhones like the 4S and 4, which further suggests the new device's screen size will be completely different.

Despite the fact Apple won't be unveiling its new iPhone until Wednesday, Spigen is already selling iPhone 5 accessories online: the Glas.t screen protector retails for $27.99, leather pouches for $29.99 and film screen protector for $13.99.

Although fake next-gen cases seem to surface every time there is a new iOS device launch, with Apple's big day just a day away now and Spigen's strategic showing of its products at an event for tech journalists, this seems to be the real deal. We'll find out tomorrow.

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  • bavman
    Super news worthy article! In case you missed the other 20 articles about the iphone 5 and its longer screen.
  • idroid
    Any important news about the iPhone 5??? like hardware specs.
  • eternalkp
    who cares about specs? no matter how fast the spec are, it's limitted by the super boring and dull iOS.
    I am so tired of my iphone4
    samsung should sue apple for coming out with a widescreen