Intel Confirms LTE 4G Support for Future Atom Mobile Chips

TechCrunch writes that Intel product marketing director Sumeet Syal said that the current Medfield generation does not support LTE at this time, but first LTE-capable chips would be shipping this year and ramping up in2013.

Also confirmed is a dual-core Atom, SoC for smartphone, although that was more a question of when and not if -- and that actual issue is when Intel will be able to provide such a chip. Syal did not answer that question but noted that the dual-core SoC will support hyper-threading and run four threads in parallel. Of course, there is the question about quad-core Atoms, which Intel will have to build for the microserver market anyway, but Syal said that Intel was not ready to disclose any product plans about quad-core smartphone SoCs.

Even if some may have expected more from Intel's Medfield processor this year, Syal told TechCrunch that the company felt "comfortable" about is position and that it has just "gotten into the game". Read more here.


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  • webbwbb
    This first generation is not about gaining market share, it is about testing the waters and seeing how well a basic chip without much refinement will perform. They do not care that they have next to no market share because this has accomplished its primary objective already. The next chip is where we will really see Intel competing.
  • Anonymous
    Yay for 4G LTE.
    Even if you don't end up using it, it's still a big deal as it means these Intel Inside phones will come and be sold in the US.
  • nieur
    This must be something odd for Intel. They have to follow someone