Lenovo Taking a Look at BlackBerry's Books

BlackBerry has been floundering for quite some time, and rumors surrounding its possible purchase have been all over the place. Just a few months ago Lenovo was thought to courting the ailing smartphone company, but those quickly died.

Now it seems those rumors are back with a Wall Street Journal piece suggesting the business-class laptop manufacturer is looking into a possible purchase.

It’d certainly make sense – the two companies have both targeted their products at the enterprise market, and a merger with the rapidly rising Chinese company could be just the thing to bring BlackBerry back from the dead. 

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  • 1991ATServerTower
    "BlackBerry has been floundering for quite some time"

    How much are you getting paid to spread this bullshit?

    The TRUTH is that there are more Blackberry sales now than there ever was in the past, including when Blackberry was on top. Just because millions more people are using iphones and androids doesn't mean Blackberry is floundering.

    Is Apple floundering, because more than 90% of PCs have run Windows for the last 20 years? Is Audi floundering, because 99% of people don't drive an Audi?

    You get the picture.

    Stop with the Blackberry bashing.
  • Parsian
    Blackberry = One Reliable Device Manufacturer
    Lenovo = One Reliable Device Manufacturer

    Just bring me a 4500 mAh 5" Intel powered device with 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. I dont care about thickness. While you at it, make it rugged.
  • vertigo_2000
    Obviously, if you're not the market leader, you can't make any money.