2,500 Players Banned From Cheating in MW2

As is always the case with PC gaming, there's always a greater population that'll be able to find cheats. The latest juggernaut Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn't immune to such a population, despite the calls for a boycott, and the folks at Infinity Ward and Valve have worked hard to weed out the first round of cheaters.

According to Ryan Bowling of Infinity Ward's Twitter, a Steam ban hammer has come down on about 2,500 Modern Warfare 2 cheaters.

"Top men are on it. In fact, the Steam ban hammer is coming down on about 2,500 confirmed #MW2 cheaters on PC today," Bowling wrote on his Twitter.

While the first Modern Warfare game used Punkbuster as its anti-cheat software, Modern Warfare 2 latches onto Valve's VAC system. Infinity Ward believes that this will deliver a better, more cheat-free experience for gamers.

For those of you who are playing Modern Warfare 2 on the PC, how's the fairness of play in your neck of the woods?

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  • ssalim
    2500? Well that's just about 99% of legit purchasers (PC). Lol.
  • itadakimasu
    ssalim2500? Well that's just about 99% of legit purchasers (PC). Lol.

    I was going to buy it last week for PC but they didn't have any @ frys. FPS on console is pretty stupid... it's way too hard for me to aim w\ analog stick.
  • superblahman123
    I wonder how many people will try to fight Steam on being banned.

    It's so silly when they piss everyone off by cheating and then get pissed themselves when they don't read the T&C to the letter. Who's the bitch now?
  • Other Comments
  • ssalim
    2500? Well that's just about 99% of legit purchasers (PC). Lol.
  • Maxor127
    I think VAC sucks. I notice more cheaters on VAC games than any Punkbuster games I play. I'd like to know what specific cheats have been going around since I've played plenty of people already who I suspect of cheating. But of course with the matchmaking, you can't ban anyone or even vote kick. Still, despite the complaints about no dedicated servers, I don't mind matchmaking so far as long as I use Team Deathmatch Express and just have to wait a few seconds between games.
  • itadakimasu
    if i ask for this for christmas only to land on a server w\ a bunch of hacking 12 year olds... ima be pissed.

    i don't want to get it on ps3 because FPS are much better on PC... so the idea of not being able to kick or ban hackers is a little troublesome.