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MSI Launches GT72 Dominator Pro Gaming Laptop

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US | B 17 comments

MSI launched on Thursday a revamped version of its GT72 Dominator Pro gaming laptop. The updated notebook includes a redesigned one-piece aluminum chassis measuring less than 2 inches thick. The cooling system and overall airflow have also been retooled, and includes dual fan cooling with technology that is used in MSI’s Twin Frozr video cards.

"The GT72 Dominator Pro will turn heads with its ultra-sleek design and drop jaws with its pixel shredding performance," said Andy Tung, president of MSI Pan America. "The completely redesigned flagship gaming notebook incorporates the heralded elements of previous GT versions into a brand new chassis that maximizes performance and user experience."

The GT72 Dominator Pro is offered in two flavors: the 007 and the 010. Both are identical save for the hard drive and the amount of RAM. Each sports an Intel Core i7-4710HQ (2.5 GHz, 3.4 GHz) processor and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 880M GPU with 8 GB of DDR5 VRAM. Both also have a 17.3-inch anti-reflective screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

The two laptops also provide a Blu-ray burner, Killer E2200 game networking (Ethernet), Killer N1525 Wireless AC connectivity, an SD card reader and a 1080p FHD webcam. Additional hardware specs include Dynaudio premium speakers with a subwoofer, six USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI 1.4 port, two mDP ports, and a programmable backlit SteelSeries keyboard. All of this is powered by a 9 cell battery.

As for the differences between the two models, the 007 includes 32 GB of DDR3L-1600 memory and what appears to be four M.2 128 GB SSDs in RAID 0 with a 1 TB hard drive. The 010 model has 24 GB of DDR3L-1600 memory and two M.2 128 GB SSDs in RAID 0 with a 1 TB hard drive. The 007 costs $2,999.99 and the 010 costs $2,599.99.

One notebook that could possibly rival the GT72 Dominator Pro in specs and pricing is one of the Alienware 18 configurations. For a starting price of $2,526, this notebook packs two Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPUs with 4 GB of GDDR5 VRAM (SLI enabled), 16 GB of memory, an 18.4-inch WLED FHD display, an Intel Core i7-4810MQ quad-core processor (up to 3.8 GHz), a 1 TB hard drive and a slot-loading 8x SuperMulti drive.

As reported earlier this week. CyberPower launched the Zeusbook Edge X6, packing an Intel Core i7-4710HQ Haswell processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M with 6 GB of VRAM. This laptop also includes 8 GB of DDR3 memory, a 1 TB hard drive, Wireless N and Bluetooth connectivity, and a 15.6-inch IPS display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This laptop sells for a starting price of $1,399.

Origin PC also has a thin and light gaming notebook with a starting price of $2,199, the EVO15-S. This laptop features a 15.6-inch screen with a 2880 x 1620 resolution, an Intel Core i7-4710HQ quad-core processor (2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz), a Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M GPU with 3 GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and 16 GB of DDR3L-1600 memory (8 GB x 2). The laptop also provides up to two 128 GB SSDs in RAID 0 along with a 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD.

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    f-14 , July 18, 2014 8:48 AM
    Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 880M GPU with 8 GB of DDR5 VRAM.
    with 8 GB of DDR5 VRAM.
    8 GB of DDR5

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    f-14 , July 18, 2014 8:49 AM
    two Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPUs with 4 GB of GDDR5 VRAM (SLI enabled)
  • 0 Hide
    f-14 , July 18, 2014 8:53 AM
    a Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M with 6 GB of VRAM.

    nope it's not april 1st, perhaps this article is a late april fools day joke?
    i am mortified or mystified, i have not determined which yet.
    17" screens...........
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    daekar , July 18, 2014 10:00 AM
    Are SSDs in RAID really that beneficial? I mean they're smoking fast as it is...
  • 1 Hide
    f-14 , July 18, 2014 10:18 AM
    Are SSDs in RAID really that beneficial? I mean they're smoking fast as it is...

    my experience for large CAD projects when switching projects YES!
    for a gaming laptop it's over kill, just like the 4GB+ of ram for a 17" screen
  • 2 Hide
    f-14 , July 18, 2014 10:19 AM
    correction 4GB+ of GPU ram for a 17" screen*
  • 1 Hide
    danwat1234 , July 18, 2014 12:26 PM
    What the frack? The CPU isn't upgradeable?? The GT60/GT70 used an "MQ" CPU, which is socketed. HQ is soldered! Why why?? Yay, you removed "NOS" and increased AC adapter size form 180W to ~220W, but now it doesn't matter because the computer can't have an extreme CPU anyway.

    I guess MSI is joining the Asus G750 club, soldered CPUs, no thanks
  • -2 Hide
    soldier44 , July 18, 2014 5:44 PM
    They need to break away from 1080p gaming laptops and step it up to 2K or better.
  • 0 Hide
    memadmax , July 19, 2014 5:46 AM
    While interesting, the alienware rig is better....
  • 0 Hide
    gear999 , July 19, 2014 10:58 AM
    8 GB VRAM?
    You know when you have a problem when you have as much VRAM as a regular gaming desktop's normal system RAM.
  • 0 Hide
    Nuckles_56 , July 20, 2014 7:20 AM
    "measuring less than 2 inches thick" "with its ultra-sleek design"

    So that is sleek now?
  • 0 Hide
    Keenan Johnson , July 20, 2014 5:50 PM
    Holy hell the 007 is 3 grand! You could build 2 good gaming rigs for that, or one monster one! Is it just me or are mobile gaming machines waaay overpriced for the performance you get?
  • 0 Hide
    celeritas , July 20, 2014 10:09 PM
    "measuring less than 2 inches thick" "with its ultra-sleek design"

    So that is sleek now?

    Uhh, sleekness refers to being smooth and glossy. That words has nothing to do with thickness. And for a portable gaming machine with that hardware and cooling capabilities, less than 2" is pretty damn thin.
  • 0 Hide
    wtfxxxgp , July 20, 2014 11:00 PM
    Very pricey. No thanks. The cheapest competitor is good enough for my needs as I'm not a "gung-ho gamer" - I'm much more casual. I also believe in a nice large screen for gaming. That money in a Desktop would result in a monster of a machine that would out-perform the best of these laptops. Toms, do a shoot-out between them...look for the value winner
  • 0 Hide
    computerguy72 , July 20, 2014 11:36 PM
    I've bought 2 MSI gaming laptops in the last few years. I shouldn't have done it as their warranty is horrible. Both developed issues and they make it nearly impossible to receive your warranty service. The price for the hardware is good which was enough for me to roll the dice again on one earlier this year but it quickly developed a cold solder joint at the power connector and they told me bad power connector isn't covered under the warranty. I don't recommend MSI gaming laptops.
  • 0 Hide
    danwat1234 , July 21, 2014 11:17 AM
    It should be covered. Yeah I've heard of power sockets in the MSI gaming laptops becoming loose I think. And here I am with a ~5.5 year old Asus G50VT with an X9100 CPU that was crunching distributed computing projects nearly 24/7 for years with no failure yet, except a screen backlight going out and some aftermarket AC adapters. But it's becoming old and thus power inefficient for the work done
  • 0 Hide
    WhoDatFan51 , July 29, 2014 10:09 AM
    What compelling reason is there to update the CPU on this system in the future?